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Tree by Tree trees in a forest

Tree By Tree

To improve our sustainable offering, we are working with Tree by Tree to gift trees. Together we are working with a social enterprise on a mission to accelerate the regeneration of nature. Together, we enable companies to gift trees that are brought back in the heart of Africa. Easily, at scale, and with an epic customisable gifting experience.

Gift single trees or create your own branded forest community to accelerate the regeneration of nature. You can connect your employees and customers to your company forest, making them part of your regreening ambition.

How it works

With Tree by Tree, we create a simple gifting experience so you can give sustainable gifts at your events or to a new employee or for client appreciation. Justdiggit is on a mission to regreen Africa within the next decade and has inspired and empowered people all over the world to join in. Justdiggit works closely with local farmers and communities in Central Africa to restore degraded land with proven regreening techniques such as Kisiki Hai, that brings felled trees back to life. They are the ones who recover the trees you gift. 

Farmer working on a tree by tree regeneration tree

When to Gift a Tree

How to gift a Tree

How to gift a tree by tree tree gift. The process of print and qr code

Build your Company Forest of Gifted Trees

Tree by Tree build your own company forest.

Before and After Tree Regeneration

Tree by Tree tree regeneration before and after photos

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