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Finishing Options

Often extra finishes can be seen as an added expense but it could be the difference between you communicating your message and getting that enquiry or not. When it comes to printed communications tactility adds engagement and holds attention long enough for your message to be read. Adding these extra touches can enhance your brand and convey tangible qualities.

Sooner Than Later a Dublin printing company, has extensive expertise in producing excellent quality finishes to a wide variety of printed items. We would be delighted to discuss options with you and guide you to the optimal choice, bearing in mind your target audience, the function and of course your budget.

The list of finishing options is long but the main ones you are most likely to require or come across include

Die Cutting

A cutting tool called a die is created where there is a requirement for an unusual shape to be cut from printed material. For example a curved edge on one corner of a business card or a flap to be added to the inside of a folder.  Often if the shape is a common shape we may have an existing die in house which will reduce costs. Used in a creative way the options are endless and the impact can be significant. Sooner Than later can talk you through the best approach to achieving the look and effect you desire.


There are many lamination films available all with their own unique look and feel. The most common films are Matt or Gloss. Lamination adds longevity to printed materials and is appropriate where there is heavy use. You will often find restaurant menus are laminated which facilitates regular handling and a quick wipe clean. Gloss laminate has high impact and can really bring vibrancy to photographs while matt laminate gives a more silky feel and luxurious quality to corporate brochures and folders.


Here at Sooner Than Later we have a perforation machine for efficiently adding straightforward perforation to raffle tickets or forms. To create multiple vouchers or coupon  to be torn off a page or product guide we would create a die which performs in a similar way to die cutting.


Embossing can add extra dimension to your business stationery, brochures and marketing collateral. The three methods of embossing Blind Embossing, Foil Stamping and Foil Embossing all involve a die which can be made from magnesium or copper.

Blind Embossing

Embossing requires a metal die, using a combination of heat and pressure to raise the image higher on paper or substrate. Blind embossing is where no foil or ink is used creating a three dimensional design with a subtle effect.

Foil stamped / Foil Blocking

Foil stamping is the application of metallic foil (often gold or silver) onto the paper’s surface with a heated die through heat and pressure. The foil can is pressed onto the paper as a flat image. Flat foil stamping can also be combined with embossing to create a more striking 3-D image.

Foil embossed

Foil Embossing is combining both foil stamping and embossing, either with a foil embossing die or embossing an image that was previously flat foil stamped. #

Sooner Than Later Dublin Printing and Finishing Experts

When it comes to deciding on a finish and specifying it there can be some technical considerations to be taken into account and Sooner Than Later, a Dublin printing business, would be detailed to discuss these in detail, advising on the best approach while working within your budget.

Call now  – we look forward to discussing your printing requirements.