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Our High Speed Poly-Wrapping services provide a fast and efficient way to enclose and despatch catalogues, brochures or magazines. This is often called polybagging. We operate two world class Sitma collation and poly-wrapping lines which can insert up to nine items within one polybag.

We also cater for enveloped mailers when you prefer not to display the contents of the mail-pack prior to the recipient opening it. There’s more about Direct Mail Print Production Services here.

We can cater for unusual projects – putting a tip onto a specific page in a magazine. We can Bellyband – wrap a promotional paper band around the middle of a magazine.  We can also insert loose flyers into a specific page or attach a giveaway to the publication.

  1. Poly wrapping is an exceptionally cost effective alternative to enveloping or polybagging by-hand.
  2. The polythene is available in clear or full colour for more prestigious mailings
  3. Polythene allows the contents to be seen enticing the recipient to open the mailer
  4. Addresses can be printed direct on the polythene with instant drying address ink.
  5. Carrier Sheets can be branded and carry marketing messages
  6. Polythene is lightweight aiding the reduction in postage costs

Sooner than Later are trusted data processors with decades of experience.  We are registered with the Data Protection Commissioner and comply with their data protection principles. Some of the finishing and service we can offer are Wafer Tabbing, Shrink wrapping, Folding, Sorting Bagging and tagging for An Post, Kitting and Returns Mail management.

As part of our ongoing commitment to improving sustainability throughout our business,  Sooner than Later is now offering clients a more green environmentally friendly polywrapping service.

This alternative eco-friendly polywrap offered by Sooner than Later is designed to break down naturally after use so there is no need for it to be recycled. It is a starch based polywrap that has been certified as officially containing NO Genetically Modified Organisms and has been produced FREE from GMO materials.

It is 100% biodegradable and fully compostable within 10 days in the right environment yet it is strong and effective during use thereby providing our clients with a greener environmentally friendly solution to your packaging and mailing needs. There is further information in this link.

Our environmentally friendly polywrap uses biopolymers, consisting mainly of potato or corn starch which are fully sustainable materials which break down in a composting environment naturally into carbon, oxygen and hydrogen so it will not take up space in a landfill site. This material is designed to fully biodegrade in compost, soil, fresh or salt water when micro-organisms are present. If the temperature is increased biodegradation takes place even quicker helping the polywrap to simply return to nature.

We accept email attachments, ftp and encrypted file-shares. We also provide our own file-sharing service which is a Citrix owned service called “Sharefile”– many clients use this service where they don’t already have a service in place. Once our customer mailings are complete, we have strict data destruction procedures.

First impressions are always important. Ensuring your customer addresses are formatted and presented properly not only enhances delivery but projects a professional image.  Un-optimised data costs money. Fortunately, our bespoke data processing tools ensure your mailing will receive all available postal rate discounts by pre-sorting data. Advanced data de-duplication algorithms remove multiple entries from your database, thereby saving you unnecessary print and postage costs.