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Data Management – Direct Mail

Data Management | Data Cleansing Services | Sooner Than LaterSooner than Later are trusted data processors with decades of experience.  We are registered with the Data Protection Commissioner and comply with their data protection principles.

We can receive data files in various formats, the most common file-types are excel, csv, tab delimited text and .dat. All data files need to be encrypted with a secure password and sent to us via your chosen method. We accept email attachments, ftp and encrypted file-shares. We also provide our own file-sharing service which is a Citrix owned service called “Sharefile”- many clients use this service where they don’t already have a service in place. Once our customer mailings are complete we have strict data destruction procedures.

Data Management & Cleansing

First impressions are always important. Ensuring your customer addresses are formatted and presenting properly not only enhances delivery but projects a professional image.  Un-optimised data costs money. Fortunately our bespoke data processing tools ensures your mailing will receive all available postal rate discounts by pre-sorting data. Advanced data de-duplication algorithms remove multiple entries from your database, thereby saving you unnecessary print and postage costs.