Mail Services

Our ability to produce high volume letters, mailshots and other variably driven products enables us to spread your message as quickly as possible. We have an extensive array of volume personalisation technology at our disposal – from full colour to mass volume inkjet printers, we can meet every requirement

Our in-depth knowledge of the Irish postal system positions us to best advise you on the services that would suit your requirements.

An Post services in brief

Ceadúnas (prepaid posting under special licence) eliminates the need for customers posting large volumes of mail to stamp or frank items individually. An approved Ceadúnas logo (which denotes payment of postage) is printed directly on the envelope

Postaim – Gives discounts on promotional direct mail. Sooner Than Later handle all the details from application to pre-sorting your mail so you can get on with other business.

Business Response Service – Can speed up customer response, from ordering new products, donating to your charity, to paying bills. Customers do not have to pay postage. You only pay for the responses you receive, so it’s extremely cost effective.

Publications Service – Published newspapers and periodicals can avail of reduced costs and encourage subscriptions simultaneously. Sooner Than Later will handle all the details from application to pre-sorting. Minimum quantities of 100

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