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Direct Mail Services

We provide a wide range of fast turnaround and contract direct mail Services fulfilment Services to a variety of clients in Ireland and Worldwide from our mailing house based in Dun Laoghaire. Our Direct mailing services can be broken down into 4 core service areas.

Transactional Direct Mail Services

From weekly or monthly invoicing to bank interest rate changes, we provide a secure mail fulfilment to a number of government bodies, financial service companies and charities.  We also provide complete outsourced mailroom solutions with the technology to comply with GDPR requirements. Sooner than Later Solutions Limited is certified for the ISO27001 data management accreditation.


Advertising Direct Mail Services

We create high impact personalised advertising mail and deliver high ROI mail marketing solutions. We can support you through each part of the process from our design and data management departments through to print and fulfilment.

Sooner than Later are trusted data processors with decades of experience.  We are registered with the Data Protection Commissioner and comply with their data protection principles. Some of the finishing and service we can offer are Wafer Tabbing, Shrink wrapping, Folding, Sorting Bagging and tagging for An Post, Kitting and Returns Mail management.

Direct Mail Services Dublin

Data Management & Cleansing

We can receive data files in various formats, the most common file-types are excel, csv, tab delimited text and .dat. All data files need to be encrypted with a secure password and sent to us via your chosen method. We accept email attachments, ftp and encrypted file-shares. We also provide our own file-sharing service which is a Citrix owned service called “Sharefile”– many clients use this service where they don’t already have a service in place. Once our customer mailings are complete, we have strict data destruction procedures.

First impressions are always important. Ensuring your customer addresses are formatted and presented properly not only enhances delivery but projects a professional image.  Un-optimised data costs money. Fortunately, our bespoke data processing tools ensure your mailing will receive all available postal rate discounts by pre-sorting data. Advanced data de-duplication algorithms remove multiple entries from your database, thereby saving you unnecessary print and postage costs.

Personalisation and Data Driven Variable Communications

Personalisation of mail no longer only refers to appending a customer’s name and address to a letter. It now has a much wider meaning – including targeted content, messages and graphics to customers based on demographics for example.

Sooner Than Later has the smartest software technology to help you simplify your communications into one conversation.  This software will automate the production of personalised printed communications. This type of printing is often referred to as Variable Data Printing. It can be as basic as printing personalised mailing address labels to as complex as you can imagine.

In one print run we can personalise and customise content, bolstering your customer loyalty and increasing your sales. For further information, contact us today.


Our mission is to deliver your printed communications in an environmentally friendly manner as fast as possible within your budget. When mailing is not an option, we have a fleet of Mercedes Benz vehicles at the ready offering a reliable delivery service to all major centres throughout the country. 

We also have an extensive network of distribution partners who we use to deliver campaigns for our clients nationwide. Whether you’re sending a small package or a full pallet, we will always make sure that your important delivery arrives on time in the most environmentally friendly manner possible.

Our experience in handling unmovable publication deadlines demonstrates our ability to deliver on time, every time. We offer an after-hours delivery service every day in times of stress should you be traveling or out of office.