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Customer Service

Once an enquiry is received by our dedicated account management team by email or phone, the enquiry is logged on our Zendesk ticketing system until a team member has responded or passed the details onto our estimators for pricing. 

Once a quote has been accepted we provide a secure link for the customer to upload their artwork which stores the artwork in a specific folder dedicated to the quote numbers.

This creates a job ticket on Zendesk which a dedicated account manager will  take ownership of and process before the ticket will be marked complete. This system allows us to eliminate errors by jobs being missed or previous versions of artwork being printed.

If an account manager spots an issue with artwork, it is at this stage he will normally contact the customer by phone or email. All our account managers are available by phone up until 5pm.

How To Order Printing

Late Night & Emergency Print Deliveries

Sooner Than Later can offer a same day weekday service in times of emergency. We often take in artwork from clients at 5pm and deliver to a home address or office with our after-hour courier service. We realise that business is no longer 9 to 5 and our clients need us to be flexible.

If you have been let down by other supplier, we can help. Call us on 01 2844 777 for assistance.