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What to consider when choosing a calendar printing supplier

2017 might seem like a good while away but if you’re in the market for a calendar printing service, you should probably start thinking about finding the right supplier sooner rather than later(!). We all know that first impressions count and customers are influenced by the way your business and brands presents themselves. Getting good quality print; paper and binding options are all important considerations when ordering your calendars to ensure they last throughout the twelve months. However with so many printing options available it can be hard to decide on the right calendar printing approach and supplier. In this short article we outline some of the key considerations, to help you make the right choice – one that will add to your brand reputation and subtly improve customer perceptions of your company.

Tip 1: Print quality and business premises.

When picking a calendar printing service such as that supplied by Sooner Than Later, it’s very useful to see samples of work produced by the business. You’ll know pretty quickly if the samples supplied are not up to the standard you expect or would want for your own customers – loose stitching or poor quality wire-bounding does not leave a good impression.  Many printers may outsource calendar printing as they may not have the equipment or expertise – Sooner Than Later does all calendars printing in-house (unless it has a non-standard finish) Sooner Than Later is always more than willing to supply samples and talk through the options to help you make the right choices – without any complex technical terminology.

If you’re buying a significant number of calendars, then it might be worthwhile checking out the calendar printing company’s premises – to see their production facilities. A trustworthy calendar printing supplier such as Sooner Than Later have invested in the appropriate printing equipment that will deliver a robust product, at speed.

Tip 2: Good reputation and knowledgeable staff

A good calendar printing supplier will have an admirable reputation. A potential buyer should check out customer reviews and testimonials and ask for client references. If the client list is strong, you can expect the supplier to be able to meet exacting demands. Sooner Than Later deals with many high profile Irish client companies, including Dominoes and the Irish independent and we have excellent client references which we’d be delighted to share with you.

Our staff are highly experienced and offer a helpful and friendly service. We can advise on the best approach in terms of paper and card quality, finishes etc. With calendars, we typically suggest using 300 gms silk for the front and back covers and for inside pages, we usually recommend 150gsm silk for example.

Tip 3: Meeting deadlines

If ever there was a definitive deadline for print work, Calendar printing really is time-critical! We fully appreciate this and we encourage businesses to order early to avoid stressful time constraints and tight deadlines. Why not consider sorting your order out over the summer, and make it a hassle-free process?

Sooner Than Later

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