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Fundraising Ideas For Schools – Ireland

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School Fundraising Ideas

Raising Funds For Your School

Fundraising Ideas For Schools, Ireland.

School fundraising is a critically important activity that is made even more difficult in recent years with the on-set on Covid-19. Traditional activities such as Christmas Fairs and Cake sales have become more challenging  to host. Fortunately, there are more innovative ways to help raise much needed funds, so why not try something different this year? We’ll be here each step of the way.

Personalised Christmas Cards

Your school will be given special colouring sheets free of charge. Students design their own personalised Christmas Card in the space provided. These sheets are returned to us, scanned and a free card sample is sent to each participating student. The student then takes the card home with an order form and then the finished card packs are delivered in plenty of time for Christmas. Personalised Christmas Cards are a lovely way of reaching out to family members and friends and they offer superb earning potential for participating schools.

Personalised Calendars

Work with our design team to produce a lovely keepsake calendar, unique to your school. Use class photographs, paintings, drawings and more and create a fantastic product ready to be sold to families and local businesses.

School Raffles

Reach out to local businesses, restaurants, hotels and more and offer them a superb way of reaching their local community through a custom designed flyer promoting sponsored raffle prizes. We have years of experience producing raffle tickets for large Irish charities, social and sporting occasions.

Eco Shopping Bags

Personalise a tote bag with your school crest or a classroom picture. A practical way for parents and local businesses to support your school!

And More?!

Raise money through the sale of personalised school, t-shirts, aprons, tea towels, mugs, diaries, year books and more. We can help you design your product, create a prototype and help to promote their sales through use of A-Board signs, leaflets, posters and more. We can even offer you a platform to sell your school’s products through our webstore!

We’re a trusted family owned supplier of print with 36 years of experience. We’d be delighted to help your school with your fundraising needs and we are open to developing other innovative ideas you may have.

Email us or call us today on (01) 284 4777 and see how we can work together this year!

Originally published April 19, 2021
 8:18 AM
, Updated October 18, 2022