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Choosing a Marketing Agency VS an Internal Marketing Team For Your Company

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Looking for marketing agencies in Dublin? Struggling to decide on hiring an internal marketing  team or working with an agency? Sooner Than Later are here to help! 

If you are in doubt about whether or not you should hire the services of a marketing agency or set up your own marketing team within your company, consider that there may be a third option available to you. We are here to help you make the decision that is right for you!

First of all it is important that you know that there is no right or wrong option, the decision will depend on your type of business, your objectives and goals and of course, your available budget. For example I have previously managed the marketing requirements of a higher education institution, having only one agency was not enough for all the demands of a college. This is not to say that the marketing agency is not a good option, the real issue is that the demands of a college involve many demands that we cannot outsource.

Thinking about hiring an agency? Here are some pros and cons:



  • You will have everything in one place.
  • Your relationship will be from company to company, so you will not have responsibilities with employees. 
  • You will be able to work on multiple demands at the same time, what will limit you will be the plan contracted with the agency.


  • You probably will not have 100% personalised service for your business because most marketing agencies develop a standard service to have a profitable business. 
  • It will take longer for the agency professionals to learn about your business and products. Remember, the professional who will be responsible for your project will have at least four more companies to study, understand and develop strategies or activities for. 
  • The agency’s employee turnover can compromise the quality of the service provided to your company. 


Thinking about setting up an internal marketing team in your company?



  • You will have professionals exclusively dedicated to your company and goals, This can speed up the progress of your operation. 
  • The professionals in your company will have full control over the information about your products and services, and direct contact  with customers, challenges and everyone involved. This will allow for the development of more assertive campaigns and eliminate common mistakes.


  • Management of an internal team.
  • Extra charges with employees. 
  • Usually a higher cost in the operation. 

Your options do not need to be limited to these two options, here at Sooner Than Later we believe that a mix of these two can be very smart for many companies. Where you do have marketing professionals internally or a small marketing team, they can be responsible for the most strategic actions and activities that are impossible to outsource, and you can also have the support of one or more marketing agencies. 

After more than 35 years of helping companies and marketing sectors with printing and distribution, we set up a digital marketing sector here to help companies that need an experienced company that can help with all the strategic and operational processes of digital marketing. Click here to learn more about our digital marketing services.

Originally published May 26, 2021
 4:10 PM
, Updated November 2, 2023