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Going Green with Environmentally Friendly Polywrapping

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What is Polywrapping?

Polywrapping is the enclosing of magazines or brochures within a sealed, usually see through polythene wrap. Sooner Than Later provides High Speed Poly-Wrapping services which is a fast and effective way to enclose and dispatch catalogues, brochures or magazines. This can sometimes also be called Polybagging. We operate two world class Sitma Collation and Poly-Wrapping lines which can insert up to nine items within one polybag.

What Are Oxo-Biodegradable Films?

The oxo-biodegradable films are conventional films, in this case based on polypropylene, to which an additive is added which accelerates the breakage of chemical bonds between the molecules.

Eco-Sustainable Film


  • Available in both wet and in dry versions.

  • Available with glossy and matt finish.

  • Physical features equal to conventional wet and dry films.

Sustainable Polywrap

Lamination That Helps The Environment

With the increased focus on our environment, Sooner than Later is now offering clients a more green environmentally friendly polywrapping service. This alternative, eco-friendly poly wrap that we offer is designed to break down naturally after use so there is no need for it to be recycled. It is a starch based polywrap that has been certified as officially containing Zero Genetically Modified Organisms and has been produced FREE from GMO materials. It is also 100% biodegradable and fully compostable within ten days in the right environment, yet is strong and effective during use thereby providing our clients with a greener environmentally solution to your packaging and mailing needs. View this link for more information.

How Does Sustainable Polywrapping Work?

Our environmentally friendly polywrap uses biopolymers, consisting of mainly potato or corn starch which are fully sustainable materials which break down in a composting environment naturally into carbon, oxygen and hydrogen so it will not take up space in a landfill site. This material is designed to fully biodegrade in compost, soil, fresh or salt water when microorganisms are present. If the temperature is increased biodegradation takes place even quicker helping the polywrap to simply return to nature. 

Trinity College, Technological University Dublin and The Irish Pharmacy Union chose to use this new, more environmentally polywrap for their recent postal mailings.

If you would like to discuss the option of using a more environmentally friendly polywrapping for your next mailing or the use of any eco-friendly print materials please contact us.

Originally published April 7, 2021
 9:07 AM
, Updated August 29, 2022