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Corporate Gift Ideas to Help Promote Your Brand

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Corporate Gift Ideas - Christmas Gift Boxes

Corporate Gift Ideas

Corporate Gifts are a simple yet effective way to show your employees and clients you care, whilst still promoting your brand. Each time a branded gift or product is used, the person is reminded of your brand and are essentially advertising said brand. Sending potential clients corporate gifts can help you to stand out and grab their attention. Choose from a wide range of options when it comes to corporate gifts from Sooner Than Later.

Sometimes a simple sample pack can help you gain a client. Sample Packs can include anything from branded merchandise, product samples and business cards. We would recommend choosing unique items that stand out as well as items that clients or employees might find useful.

Corporate Gift Ideas For Employees

Show your employees you care with an employee gift box filled with high quality products that make your employees feel appreciated. Add the extra touch and personalise your gifts for employees.


Personalised Water Bottles

Show your employees that you care about their health whilst also giving them a gift that is useful and also sustainable. Water bottles are a practical gift that your employees will use on the go. This means that the logo on the bottle will be seen in many settings, providing cheap advertisement. You can even personalise the water bottles with your employees name to really go the extra mile!

Customised clothing - branded clothes


What is better than getting a hoodie or fleece with your name on it? Again if this item also has the brand's logo on it, will help advertise your brand when employees wear it. It will also make your employees feel like you selected the item specifically for them, you can choose from a wide range of colour, style and sizing clothing options so that it will suit everyone!


Something as simple as a wireless charger or headphones can be incredibly useful to your employees and will be a gift that won’t go to waste. When it comes to corporate gift ideas it is vital to choose something in the box that will stand out to the employee.

Corporate Gifts For Employees Ireland

Extra Goodies

It's always nice to include something extra in your corporate gift boxes such as tea bags, some chocolate or even a basil plant to add that extra elevation to your gift. However, it is important to be mindful of employees' allergies when including edible gifts.

Welcome Packs For New Employees

Welcome Packs For New Employees

Give your new employees everything they need to get started in their new role, such as personalised pens, notebooks, mouse mats and more. A welcome pack is an extra touch that can really help your employees feel like they are welcome and a part of the company.

Client Corporate Gift Ideas

Whether you are reaching out to a potential client or thanking an existing one, there are many high quality items you can include in your client gifts.

Corporate Gifts For Clients

Product Samples

Send your client your newest products to keep them up to date with your brand, or send them some of your most popular items as a thank you gift. It is important to include some of your own products, depending on your company, to keep the clients mind on the high quality of the brand.

Personalised Mugs Ireland

Personalised Mugs

Whether they are a tea, coffee or water drinker, a personalised branded mug will remind your client of your brand when they use the mug.

Branded Gifts - Sooner Than Later


Stationery is always useful to have, and including stationery in a gift may be useful for your clients and is typically, well received. You can even personalise the stationery, personalised gifts makes the client feel special and is memorable so they will always remember your company.

Accenture and Sooner Than Later

Themed Gifts

It might work really well to send your clients a gift box that follows a theme, for example a Christmas gift box may include a Christmas card, a Christmas tree ornament and a festive mug. Whereas, a summer time gift may include a personalised water bottle, a beach ball and a fan. Themed gifts also make for a memorable gift and clients love them.