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Business Card Printing That Help You Stand Out

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Create and Print Business Cards That Help You Stand Out

When it comes to establishing a relationship with potential clients, being reachable is the key. Being a person that they can easily contact makes you seem more reliable and allows you to gain their trust. A simple method of providing both current and potential clients with the details of how and when to contact you is to print business cards. As networking is an important and necessary part of business, having a business card will make communicating with clients a lot easier.  When it comes to business cards, there are a few steps you can take to help you stand out.

How to Print Business Cards That Will Help You Stand Out!

Print Business Cards That Help You Stand Out

Reflect Why You're Different

If your goal is to create and print business cards that are unique and will allow you to stand out from other businesses then you need to explain why your brand is different. There are many ways to reflect your brand’s differences. 

Size and Shape

Most people think of small rectangular cards when they envision a business card. But why does it have to be that way? You can have your business cards cut into unique shapes and have them printed in various sizes. Having a business card that has a distinctive size and shape will help customers differentiate your brand and business card from others. We provide many options for shapes and sizes when it comes to printing business cards. You can choose from a wide range of materials for your business cards. This includes recycled materials, metal and NFC friendly material. These materials can also change the weight of your business cards, this can help you grab the client’s attention. If you have a printed business card that is slightly heavier than the standard business card made from card, this can help your card stand out in a pile of other business cards. 


In relation to creating a client base and scouting new customers, something that is always appreciated is a personal touch. You can print business cards with a blank space on them. This allows for you to write a personal message on your business cards and will make whoever is receiving your card feel special. You can write down a general message on the cards or make it more personal. You could note down a detail you were discussing with this person for example, a promotional offer or professional recommendation. 


It is important to cater your business cards to the audience who will be receiving them. If you are going to an event or conference, customise your business card to suit the attendees. Have your card reflect the event, this again will make the cards feel more personal and allow you to gain closer connections with clients.


For any business, having a logo that is professional and that reflects your brand is vital. Before printing any business cards, ensure you are happy with your company logo and that it positively reflects your business. Sooner Than Later provide a graphic design service. We can also provide professional advice in relation to your business card design. 

Social Media Information

Social media has become one of the most effective marketing tools in the digital world. Using social media to promote your business is the new form of advertising and it is highly effective. It is crucial that you inform clients that you are a brand that is innovative and forward-thinking. If you share your social media information on your business cards, your clients will see this. Your business card gives you the opportunity to direct people to your social media. This allows for new connections and in turn, a greater social media following. This also gives customers the opportunity to view your brand as a whole and check out positive reviews that you have featured on your social media. The key is to keep your social media channels updated on a regular basis.

Don't Overload

Your clients and potential customers don’t need to have every piece of contact information imaginable. There is a chance of giving too much information when it comes to business cards. Although you may be tempted to include all of your contact information such as your mobile number, landline, company address, email address and all of your social media channels, this can be a lot of information for someone to take and can overwhelm the client. Be selective in your approach. Ask yourself where you would like these people to contact you. Which form of contact will allow them to gain the best insight into you and your business. Custom pick the best methods of communication rather than just putting them all on. You can’t communicate with a client on the homepage of your website so do not list this on your business cards.

Be Visual

As mentioned before, logos are important. A logo will more than likely be the first thing someone sees on a business card but the card can be a bit boring if the logo is the only image on your business card. Make sure that you include images that spark conversation, you could even include images of your products or showcase case studies that you have completed. 

Define Your Card’s Purpose

Why do you need print business cards? There should be a reason why you are using business cards, is it to promote brand awareness, sales or recruitment? The answer can help you to create a design for your business card that suits this message and your brand. Your business card can even be designed as a mini brochure or leaflet to display your business and products. The more unique and helpful the business card, the more likely it is that clients will remember it and in turn remember your brand.

Include a Call to Action

The goal of a business card isn’t just to inform a customer about your brand, it is to inspire them to take action. They may not need to contact you directly but it could lead them to downloading something from your site or even just giving them a promotional code to use on their site. You should be creative when it comes to your call to action so that you can get the connection to do exactly what you want them to do.

When it comes to business cards your goal is to have the one that stands out from the others. If your business card is unique it will grab people’s attention and will help you promote your brand and generate sales.

Originally published January 26, 2023
 11:00 AM
, Updated January 13, 2023