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Importance Of Branding

Your brand’s identity is more than just a logo and a colour palette – it’s the core of your business, essential for creating brand recognition. In a competitive digital marketplace, where products and services compete for consumer attention, solid branding lies at the heart of success. Your branding is the narrative that distinguishes you from the crowd, and we recognise the importance of effective branding.

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Branding Consistency

Consistent brand colours, shapes, fonts, tone of voice – this list goes on, but consistency is what builds brand recognition. This all stems from a foundation of brand guidelines, which many businesses often overlook or don’t stick to. That being said, brands also need to be creative and stay up to date with the market to identify rebranding opportunities. Take Pepsi Cola for example, one of the most iconic logos (second to Coca-Cola of course), a recent article from Creative Bloq showed the evolution of the Pepsi-Cola logo over the past 100+ years. The brand has now reverted back to an old design similar to that from 1997.

Our in-house graphic design team specialises in creating cohesive visual identities that permeate every aspect of your brand presence, ensuring a unified and impactful experience across all touchpoints. We have gone through our own rebrands over the years with changes to our fonts and designs, but the one way we ensured the brand identity remained was through the brand colours.

Lyle's Golden Syrup

Image Credit (Lyle’s, Future)

Adapting Your Branding To Your Market

Understanding your audience is fundamental to shaping your brand strategy. Even Guinness World Record-holder brands need to adapt. Lyle’s Golden Syrup went through a logo rebrand after using the same logo for over a century, but why? The product was and still is the go-to for golden syrup, instantly recognisable by its gold and green colour combo. Ultimately they needed to update their branding to appeal to modern shoppers as they wanted to create a more positive meaning behind their logo, which involved removing the biblical lion from the logo and replacing it with a happier one. This is one of the biggest rebrands we have seen, and it has created a huge amount of brand awareness as a result, even being featured in the Financial Times.

Branding Print

Every interaction someone has with your brand is an opportunity to reinforce your identity and values. From business cards to packaging, our printing and design services are geared towards delivering a cohesive brand experience that promotes consistency and quality at every turn. Have an upcoming event that requires print? Be sure to read our event print blog to get an idea of what you might need to deliver an amazing branding opportunity that will promote your business. Check out our recent branding project for Bretland below, providing them with their business stationery essentials!

Originally published March 7, 2024
 6:04 PM
, Updated April 9, 2024