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Employee Gift Box for Accenture

Corporate Gifts Ireland

We collaborated closely with Accenture to craft an exquisite corporate gift box centred around the theme of ‘Summer Reset.’ Our selection of items aimed to promote relaxation during the summer season, featuring essentials such as a beach ball, a water bottle, and even a sunflower plant.

Throughout the development of this unique box, we engaged in regular meetings with the Accenture team. We conducted presentations, provided samples, and dedicated ourselves to refine the contents until they fully aligned with Accenture’s
vision. Our primary objective was to create a gift that not only resonated with
employees but also effectively conveyed the essence of Accenture’s brand. To
achieve this, we personalised the items within the box with Accenture’s distinctive purple logo. Additionally, we included the hashtag #AccentureSummerReset to encourage recipients to share their excitement on social media.


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