Polywrapping – Mail Service

High Speed Polythene Wrapping is a fast and efficient way to enclose catalogues, brochures and magazines for mailing. We operate four world class Sitma lines which can insert up to nine items within one polybag.

We can cater for unusual projects – putting a tip onto a specific page in a magazine. We can Bellyband – wrap a promotional paper band around the middle of a magazine.  We can also insert loose flyers into a specific page or attach a giveaway to the publication.

Benefits of Polywrapping

  • It is an exceptionally cost effective alternative to enveloping
  • The polythene is available in clear or full colour for more prestigious mailings
  • Polythene allows the contents to be seen enticing the recipient to open the mailer
  • Addresses can be printed direct on the polythene with instant drying address ink.
  • Carrier Sheets can be branded and carry marketing messages
  • Polythene is lightweight aiding the reduction in postage costs

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